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College Tennis Exposure Camp supported by DUNLOP

Free Registration( For only College Coaches):

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Event Overview:

PASSPORT Corporation, in collaboration with Dunlop Sports, invites you to the College Tennis Exposure Camp, a premier tennis event for junior high and high school students in Japan. This is a unique opportunity for American college tennis coaches to scout and mentor emerging talents.


Dates and Venues:

May 29th: Esaka Tennis Center ,Osaka (Exclusive for *Aioi Gakuin students)

*Aioi Gakuin High School is a top tennis institution in Japan, having sent 24 players to universities in the United States to date. In the fall of 2024, ten more students are set to study abroad. Notable alumni include Yuta Kikuchi at UC Berkeley, Shunsuke Mitsui(ITA 27th ranked as of 2/25) at the University of Tennessee, Ryuhei Azuma at Clemson University, and Miyuka Kimoto at Syracuse University. Among this year's new students is Sato Nanaka, a runner-up in the US Open Junior Doubles.

May 30th - 31st: Ariake Tennis Forest Park, Tokyo

May 29th (Wednesday):

  • Participants travel from the hotel to Shinagawa Station, then by Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka Station (at participant's expense). From there, taking a taxi (provided by the organizer) to Esaka Tennis Center.

  • From 11 AM to 3 PM, exclusive practice sessions and match observation for Aioi Gakuin students.

  • Return to Tokyo on the same day.

May 30th (Thursday):

May 31st (Friday):


- Special Program at Aioi Gakuin High School on 29th, featuring practice sessions and match observations.
- Interactive coaching sessions at Ariake Tennis Forest Park on 30th
- Opportunity to scout talents like Nanaka Sato, a US Open Junior Doubles Runner-Up.

Recommended Travel and Schedule:

Airlines: Zip Airlines

This is one example of a discount round-trip ticket.

Arrive in Tokyo by May 28th, Depart after May 31st
Event Dates: May 29th (11 AM - 3 PM), May 30th (1 PM - 5 PM), May 31st (9 AM - 1 PM).

Longer Stay will be appreciated!!

Recommended Airport & Accommodation:

  • Haneda Airport. Check-in on the 28th, check-out on the 31st. (Longer Stay will be appreciated)

  • Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake (at the participant's responsibility)   

  • Booking Site

      Hotel Site

Estimated Cost of Stay in Japan as of February 26, Excluding Round-Trip Airfare from the US to Japan

  • Hotel Cost: For a single room at Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake, with a check-in on the 28th and a check-out on the 31st, the cost is approximately $390 for 3 nights. It's important to note that this rate is as of February 26 and may vary depending on when you book.

  • Bullet Train: Round trip from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka is approximately $196.

  • Food: Estimated at $50 per day, totaling $150 over 3 days.

The total estimated cost is $750, not including the separate cost of round-trip airfare from the US to Japan.

       If you share a hotel room with someone, it becomes even cheaper.


Additionally, a clinic will be conducted in Tokyo on the 30th at Ariake. The coach leading the clinic will be compensated with a payment of 10,000 Japanese Yen.

Why Attend?

- Network with fellow coaches and players.

- Discover strong Japanese players who are yet to be recognized by other universities, ahead of the curve.
- Engage in talent scouting and player development.
- Enhance your coaching portfolio.

Target Audience:

32 junior high to high school students.
Boys: UTR8-12.5

Girls:  UTR6-10.5

A total of 60 participants are expected for 2 sites.

Additional Note:

               -Men's event in Karuizawa ITF M15 From 5/27-6/2

               -Women's event in Tokyo ITF W15 From 5/27-6/2


  • Thanks to Dunlop's sponsorship, this year's event promises to be more convenient and of higher quality than before.

All events will take place on indoor hard courts. (No worries about Rain)

When you arrive at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, Takeshi will come to pick you up, and you won't have to worry about transportation or meals at all. We will take care of you until the end.


Takeshi Baba
Phone: 1-914-649-2850 (Call/TEXT/WhatsApp)

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