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​ Study Abroad Consulting

Help with sports study abroad ( athletic scholarships) to U.S. universities



We support everyone who wants to challenge American college sports.


American universities attract top players from all over the world.

Although they are students, these athletes are called "Student-Athletes" and are treated like professionals. They can train at a high sporting level and receive an education in a high academic field under excellent conditions, including full scholarships with full payment waived at the most, plus spending money.


They will be supported both materially and spiritually as they fight and learn under great pressure to achieve both athletically and academically.


Free LINE consultation

We explain the study abroad system to those who are not sure about their career path, and determine whether or not they can actually study abroad.

We will also provide advice on the necessary English tests and answer any other questions you may have via LINE or ZOOM. Please take advantage of our free and appropriate assessment first.

Looking for a university

We will find a college that fits the player's personal color in addition to his or her academic record and performance. We will also advise you on the academic requirements and games to play before deciding on a university. We can also assist those who wish to transfer.

Help with various procedures

We will assist you with documents that must be done in English, such as application forms, NCAA registration, and various test applications, in Japanese.

​ Local follow-up

We will assist you with documents that must be done in English, such as application forms, NCAA registration, and various test applications, in Japanese.


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​ Post-graduation consultation

We will assist you with documents that must be done in English, such as application forms, NCAA registration, and various test applications, in Japanese.

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Yuta Kikuchi


hello. I'm Yuta Kikuchi, who graduated from UC Berkeley in April.
I think I was able to greatly improve my tennis skills by coming to an American university, working hard with various players and training with great coaches.
In addition to being a tennis player, I think I have grown significantly as an individual by coming to the United States, where various races, cultures, and languages fly.
I think that I gained this kind of experience thanks to Mr. Baba's continued support.
In fact, Mr. Baba taught me everything I needed to do about admission with the university, and created an environment where I could concentrate on what I needed to pass the university. In addition, if my English ability is insufficient and my TOEFL score needs to rise sharply, I will create an environment where I can study in the United States for 3 weeks, and I will be the first to know my TOEFL score and encourage me. I will do my best not to waste Baba-san's support even when studying English is difficult and difficult because of the desire to "really pass me" and "really pursue my dreams". I was able to think about it.
I don't think there was anyone else who could support me like this no matter where I looked.

Shunsuke Mitsui
University of Tennessee

Tennessee Logo.jpg

I'm Shunsuke Mitsui, a first year student at the University of Tennessee. Originally I was planning to graduate from high school and become a professional, but there are few professional competitions held in Korona-ka, so I think that it is not the right decision to become a professional now, so I got a scholarship and it is still a high level I chose to go on to college in the United States where I can play at.

However, in order to do so, I needed to improve my English skills and improve my TOEFL and Duolingo scores, so I asked Mr. Baba to take classes and took classes online 2.3 times a week. As a result, I was able to exceed my goal of 100 points at Duolingo and successfully enrolled in the University of Tennessee, my first choice.

However, since I had a VISA interview and a university interview after that, I asked Mr. Baba to propose an English conversation class, and under Mr. Baba's advice that it is important to continue using English every day, I will be a lecturer for about 20 minutes almost every day. I took an online class with someone. Thanks to that, I was able to receive and answer any interview with plenty of time.

During that time, Mr. Baba frequently contacted me about classes and tennis, and while I was doing lessons, I was always worried that if the quality of tennis deteriorated, I wouldn't have any children. And I have been able to maintain a very good relationship by communicating with myself and my coach not only until I entered the school but also after I entered the school. It's not uncommon for American universities to transfer to another university on the way, and I'm really grateful that they care about me even after I enroll in order to deal with such situations. As I had imagined, the university was able to play tennis at a high level under a coach with a proven track record, and I was able to spend a truly fulfilling year. Of course, it is difficult to balance with studying, but there are many things that you can never learn in Japan, and you can enjoy all the events.

I would really like to thank Mr. Baba for recommending the option of having such a wonderful experience.

 Miyuka Kimoto
Syracuse University


I'm Yumeka Kimoto, a first year student at Syracuse University. I have been interested in American universities for a long time, but I was wondering what to do with American universities because I was worried about English and I didn't understand much, but when I was in the third year of high school, Mr. Baba. I decided to go to an American university because I was able to play tennis at a higher level than in Japan, and I thought it would be fun to learn various things in terms of academics. Immediately after deciding to go to an American university, I started taking online classes at Mr. Baba two or three times a week, but I couldn't get enough points and by the time I graduated from high school. I had them manage their schedule every day, and took another 30 minutes of speaking practice and three or four lessons a week. The days of being soaked in English every day were very hard and painful for me, but I was glad that I was able to get a pass notification from Syracuse at the end of July and did my best every day. During the first year since I entered the university, I couldn't understand English at all at first, and I had a lot of trouble communicating my intentions, but as I talked every day, I gradually became able to understand and feel more confident. rice field. In terms of tennis, Syracuse belongs to the ACC conference, and it was very difficult for everyone around me to get one point strongly, and I was very happy when I accumulated it and won. It was a tough year with homework for classes, tennis and training every day, but I think I had a better experience than ever before. I am very grateful to Mr. Baba for creating the opportunity to have such a wonderful experience.


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