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Support for graduate school admission

For those who have chosen Japan as their university, but still dream of studying in the United States. We also support those who, after graduating from an American university, wish to further their studies at an American graduate school to pursue specialized knowledge. (Service fee not included)

Staff in charge


Takeshiro Iwatsuki

Current Position

 University of Hawaii at Hilo

Assistant Professor (Specialization: Sport Psychology)

 Mental Performance Consultant, Google LLC.

Mental Performance Consultant


After moving to the U.S., Mr. Kato received his Master's degree from Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he studied Sport Psychology. He studied Sport Psychology and gained experience at Springfield College and other universities such as Harvard University. He became the general manager of the men's and women's tennis teams at the University of Nevada. D. from the University of Nevada. As a student, he obtained an on-campus job and received a tuition waiver and subsidized living expenses to continue his education. He was an Assistant Professor/Assistant Professor at Penn State University.


As a guest lecturer during his temporary return to Japan, he has given lectures at over 25 universities to date, including Osaka University, Nagoya University, Keio University, Nihon University of Health and Sport Sciences, and Tsukuba University.


Current Activities

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