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Services provided

Free LINE consultation

For those who are interested in studying abroad at a university in the United States and have appropriate judgments or questions, we will provide free consultation on LINE or ZOOM.

​Promotional video creation

We will shoot the player's play video, shoot and edit the promotion video, and upload it on YOUTUBE as a limited release.

NCAA / NAIA registration

We will assist you in registering NCAA / NAIA, which is essential for studying abroad. We will explain in Japanese such as SAT score and sending various documents.

Checklist creation

We will create a checklist that must be done before admission, and manage tournament participation plans, goal setting for various tests, future schedules, etc.

Various test advice

Various test measures and academic advice necessary for studying abroad. Introducing cram schools and online courses.

​ Finding the right university

We are looking for a university that is close to your wishes. In particular, we will look for the best university for you, considering the personality of the coach that you can not find on the net.

Profile creation

We will create a player profile in English to appeal to university coaches.

Arrange for university visits

If possible, we will arrange an official visit (fully paid by the university) or an unofficial visit (own expense).

Helping to get a visa and travel to the United States

We will give you advice on getting a student visa (not on your behalf). We will also assist you in arranging tickets for your trip to the United States and for ticketing and purchasing in the United States.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!
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