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​548,000 yen
​ ($ 3,495  

Not included:
-Various test applications
-Registration fee to NCAA etc.
​-University inspection fee (if you wish)
-University account registration fee
-Visa related costs
-Travel expenses

Bank Account Info.

Mizuho Bank Takanawadai Branch 199

Name: PASSPORT Co., Ltd.

Ordinary account number: 1061947

Start money

​200,000 yen

​ After consulting and agreeing with each other, please transfer within one month after signing the contract. Business will start as soon as payment is confirmed. The starting fee is non-refundable in any case except when the university cannot find a single school.


Remaining contract money

348,000 yen


Please transfer the balance within 2 weeks from the time when you finally receive the notification of acceptance from the university.


* Please note that the NCAA rules prohibit changing the price setting depending on the player's ability, academic ability, or scholarship amount, so the price will be the same for all players.

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